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August 24, 2020

Like a Boss

Welcome to another edition of the Diplomatic Enterprises Blog! Here at “Team Diplomat,” we pride ourselves on servicing our clients with the utmost care, concern and attention to detail in order to help them reach their goals and dreams. Our advice is rooted in experience, expertise and analytics and we use these tools to create a holistic approach to growing your brand or business. However, sometimes, even we must set aside the legalese and business jargon of the industry to have some real talk with our clients. 

As a boutique firm, we understand and appreciate the struggles and growing pains of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Since we’ve been there and done that, we know exactly what you’re going through. We also have a unique perspective of the issues and concerns many of our entrepreneurial and start-up clients are faced with on a daily basis. Consequently, our strategies aren’t just rooted in case studies and mock scenarios, but are tried, true and tested for small businesses. However, some principles are universal no matter what rung of the capitalist ladder you may find yourself on because that’s just how business works. 

The idea that business owners and entrepreneurs are their “own bosses” is a misnomer. Whether you’re a Small Business Owner, Corporate America Executive, or a cog in the machine, one of the similarities that businesses of all sizes share is that we all have to report to someone. That person may be a mid-level manager, a high-level executive, a shareholder, a customer, or even a client. Yet, regardless of the title on their door or resume, their title could just as easily be “Boss.” According to, a “Boss” is someone who: 1. Employs or superintends workers; or 2. Makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, which, in our opinion, is pretty accurate. 

There’s nothing wrong with reporting to a “higher power” or being beholden to the needs of someone who has some degree of authority over what we do professionally. The problem, however, lies in believing that because you own your own business, whether it’s a Fortune 500 or a Nothing 5000, you can and should do what you want without any consequences or repercussions. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. The truth is that customers, shareholders, investors and clients are what drive our business, and in many respects, they are the boss. Their satisfaction with your work product, responsiveness and customer service are the keys to your success, or lack thereof. You may call the shots on the music that gets played in your office, the employee dress code, and the office color scheme, but be careful while rocking out to MTV Jock Jams at a dangerous decibel in your favorite pair of tattered jeans when there are clients or potential clients in the vicinity. 

First impressions are lasting impressions and they are often eerily similar to the last impression. Your choice of playlist, dress and office furniture may not mean much to you, but odds are, they mean a whole lot to the people that matter—everyone else. So our advice to you is to feel free to be uniquely you, in any way you see fit, as long as it doesn’t harm, women, men, children, animals, or your reputation. 

We hope this post has been helpful to you and that you pass it on to someone you know who may also benefit. If you’re interested in working with us, schedule a consultation today and we promise to do it “Like a Boss.” #TeamDiplomat #LikeABoss

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