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August 24, 2020

Likes are Great, But Sales Are Better

Likes are Great, But Sales Are Better

In a world driven by instant access to information, individuals and companies must have a strong social media presence in order to increase their visibility and viability. We believe a successful social media strategy involves more than simply accumulating Likes, Followers, or Shares. An effective social media plan must convey useful information, align with the tenets of your brand and provide consumers with a desire to learn more. Likes are great, but sales are better and we have a few ideas how to improve them. 


It’s quite easy to get caught up in posts and status updates that garner a lot of attention, but to a business owner, “Trending Topics” and “Going Viral” doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales.  Consequently, it’s important to both the brand manager and the business owner to understand what metrics are making them money and where.

Here at Diplomatic Enterprises we’ve taken great strides learning and deploying Google Analytics with social media campaigns to help us understand what is and isn’t working. This gives us the ability to tell the business owner what we’ve done to make them X amount of money and how better to focus time, attention and resources.

Return on Investment

Launching a social media marketing campaign is something many businesses, big or small, must wrestle with. However, due to the fact that it’s difficult to identify the return on investment for time spent, constructing a budget can be intimidating. While there are expert created formulas that explain the value of a Like, Share, Tweet, or +1, many business owners have a hard time conceptualizing how to turn engagement into revenue. 

An easy way to get things started is to identify the end user goal and make that your call to action across every page. One of the first things every business owner should do is start with Google URL Builder to create a URL for a Call to Action. This will allow you to see in Google Analytics how many clicks were received and how they correspond with your clearly stated goals. It’s not enough to create a social media strategy, you then have to monitor the analytics to discover what works and what doesn’t, and how to effectively use the information to generate sales. 


If traffic is not an issue for you, but sales are, then you may have a customer retention issue. Optimizing your website and sales/product pages for customer retention can immediately increase sales and give your customers more peace of mind when navigating and making a purchase through your site. 

Bonus tip: There are really great tools like Remarketing that will allow you to cookie a visitor who didn’t finalize their purchase and then show them ads for that purchase all around the web. This can become expensive at first, but not as expensive as losing a customer for life.

Social media marketing is not just about the platforms customers and potential customers are using, but how they use them and how you can use them to grow your brand and business. 

Diplomatic Enterprises employs a team of experienced consultants that understand the online marketing and shopping experience from start to finish. We pair this knowledge with our experience of social media platforms and analytics to develop a winning strategy for our clients. Our years of experience have made us experts in creating social media campaigns designed to promote brand awareness and foster authentic communications. We skillfully develop and manage social media pages for clients, both individuals and companies, to ensure that they create and maintain a coordinated and uniformed strong social media presence in their community and industry.

If you’re interested in taking the knowledge provided here today and implementing it into your business plan with our help, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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