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August 24, 2020

Low Man Wins

Make no mistake about it, Team Diplomat loves sports! Our staff is full of former athletes, sports industry professionals and gym enthusiasts. As avid sports fans, we’ve heard nearly every sports cliché there is. One of our favorites is, “Low man wins.” Although this phrase is used in multiple sports, in football it refers to players keeping a low center of gravity, particularly linemen, when engaging an opponent. The low stance while blocking or tackling provides a strategic advantage over a higher player and decreases a player’s torque potential. The farther away from his feet a player is, the higher his center of gravity and, consequently, the more likely he is to lose the one-on-one matchup. #TheMoreYouKnow 

We believe that outside of being a useful maxim in sports, the phrase, “Low man wins,” can also be applied to everyday life. We value our ability to leverage situations, both good and bad, for the benefit of our clients. While we’d prefer that everything be ideal, life is anything but, so we prepare for the worst as we hope for the best. Rather than viewing adversity as a barrier to success, we choose to view each adverse event as another opportunity to overcome. Obstacles can be stumbling blocks or building blocks. What you do with the challenges your life, love and profession confronts you with will determine your success. 

Much like the wrestler who dives low for leverage to secure the pin, sometimes, to end up on top, we must go low. Don’t back down from the challenge. Don’t be afraid of the bottom. Don’t fear confronting tough times. Use it as leverage, and a catalyst for change, innovation and success. If you need help, Team Diplomat’s got your back! 

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